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From the Chicago Tribune:

Maybe it was an April Fool’s gag, but Mitch Hurwitz says he just might write Will Forte into his “Arrested Development” movie.

Sdsu-copy “Hey Will, would you be in it?” Hurwitz asked Forte during a Wednesday conference call with reporters about their current project, Fox’s animated series “Sit Down, Shut Up.”

“Oh my God, I’d love to. Is this an offer?” Forte responded. “Let me get my agent on the line.”

Hurwitz confirmed the offer, adding that he might have a place for Forte, considering he hasn’t actually written the script yet.

“We’re hoping to get this baby made sometime this year,” Hurwitz said. “We have a lot of little pieces, ideas, but none of them alone quite make a movie.”

Sdsu-forte When asked what role he would write for Forte, Hurwitz suggested “some sort of pet detective.” Earlier during the interview he had praised Forte, saying the “Saturday Night Live” comic’s career, at this moment, could be compared to “Jim Carrey just before he did ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.’”

A flattered Forte was just happy to get the offer—as a joke or not.

“I will do craft services on the movie,” he said.

I’ll have more from the interview—maybe even about “Sit Down, Shut Up,” in the coming week. Forte plays overly positive teacher Stuart Proszakian (right) in the show, which Hurwitz is exec producing.

"Sit Down, Shut Up" reunited Hurwitz with "AD" stars Jason Batemen and Will Arnett. It debuts April 19 on Fox.


Who knows how serious this is, but how amazing would a Forte appearance in the AD movie be?
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